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by Hidenobu Ito

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LOVER(original) is first release of elegantdisc(CDr) 2005.limited200.

Hidenobu Ito Bedroom In The Cage ‎(CD, Album) 1999
Hidenobu Ito First Love ‎(CD, Album) 2002
Hidenobu Ito Love The End ‎(CD, Album) 2005
Hidenobu Ito Kiss ‎(CD, Album) 2006
Hidenobu Ito Systemisch 2 ‎(CD, Album) 2008
Hidenobu Ito Assemblage Funk ‎(CD, Album) 2008
CoH vs ITO - 3 Girls Mixed Up 2010(with CoH)
Hidenobu Ito Fabulous Water ‎(File, MP3, Album) 2017
Hidenobu Ito 1998 ‎(File, MP3, WAV, Album) 2018


fetic Star Child ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-11 2010
fetic Earth Song ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-18 2011
fetic Galaxy Ecdysis ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-23 2013
fetic Meta Cut ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-27 2014
fetic Pop Days ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-31 2015
fetic Windowz 6 ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-34 2016
Lupeux Unicorn ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-15 2011
Lupeux Waltz ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-20 2012
Lupeux Memories ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-24 2013
Lupeux Unhappy Kingdom ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album, 320) ELECD-30 2015
Agllis Parallel Girl ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-13 2010
Mother's Lust Quicksilver B.A.Z ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-14 2010
Minnia Tech Romance ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-16 2011
NAcc Switched On Brain ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-21 2012
Agni Productions Loophole ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-22 2012(with Lastindus)

Various 10 Girls' Voice ‎(CD, Album) ELECD-06 2007
Various 14 Girls' Life ‎(CD, Comp) ELECD-08 2009
Anna Yamada Dépaysement ‎(CD, Album + File, MP3, Album) ELECD-07 2007
Yoshimi yyy・・・ ‎(CD, Album) abcdefg*record a-g 034 2006

DJ.Vivienne Kanye Westwood 1988 ‎(CDr) illegal edit. 200?
XEVISM ROBOTICS ‎(CDr) illegal edit. 200?
Harajyuku Sisters FUNK ME ‎(CDr)illegal edit. 200?
DJ.Vivienne Kanye Westwood HOUSY R&B IN MIX ‎(CDr) illegal edit. 200?
Subculture Club(with???) old school wars vol.1 ‎(CDr) illegal edit. 200?
DJ.Vivienne Kanye Westwood HipHop winners theory ‎(CDr) illegal edit. 200?

伊集院808 私たちをどうぞ 一水社 199?
伊集院808 オレンジジュース 一水社 199?
伊集院808 エロラエロマ  松文館 199?
伊集院808 美少女レストラン 日本出版社 199?
伊集院808 口だけの女 日本出版社 199?
伊集院808 童貞マニア 東京三世社 199?
伊集院808 みんな飲ませて 東京三世社 199?
嶺川れーこ 純情少女 松文館 199?
嶺川れーこ 初体験  松文館 199?
宇羅々ヒカル ブルマ狂の詩 東京三世社 200?
宇羅々ヒカル 中出しDistance 一水社 200?


released July 29, 2018

DAT No.82_2004
Voice and Voice recorded by Urara Hikaru
Music,Lyric and Produced by Hidenobu Ito
Track 2004
Mastering 2018
All by Hidenobu Ito
Design by 伊集院808

Special Thanks : Pさん, 塩山芳明


all rights reserved


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